Let’s End Hate Crime

This event will help create an awareness of a “Let’s End Hate Crime” mindset and educate young people on this subject as they resume back to school.

All young communities, Black White Asian and all others are welcome. Nurturing Foundations will celebrate youth culture, harmony, respect and the importrance of understanding differences while celebrating their similarities.

Nurturing Foundations will have a series of fast paced sessions where young people will be encouraged to think about the impact of Hate crime and respect for others with a final display/performance/showcase of what the young people have learnt about themselves and others.

Nurturing Foundations hope the pieces of art can be shared via young peoples’ social media with the person with the highest amount of ‘likes/shared’ received over a period will get a prize, thus getting the message of ending hate crime to many more young people.

Nurturing Foundations’ vision is to ensure that every young person reaches their full and true potential through appropriate positive nurturing, guidance and support.

Lunch will be served with lots of prizes to be won.

For further information and to register, visit: www.eventbrite.com/e/lets-end-hate-crime-tickets-71623221985

Burtuting Foundations