Reclaim the Night 2020

Reclaim the Night is an annual campaign against sexual assault and gender-based violence. The march is for gender equality, the breakdown of gendered discrimination and the right to feel safe when on the streets at night.

Reported cases of rape and sexual violence are on the increase in Manchester. There are examples of students and residents feeling unsafe to be outside their homes after dark, and Reclaim the Night aims to highlight and combat these frightening facts.

Hosted by Reclaim the Night Manchester UK and University of Manchester Students' Union, the March is to demand:

That more street lighting is installed in residential areas, which is proven to reduce crime.

That Greater Manchester authorities recognise misogyny as a hate crime before 2021.

Better education on consent and sexual violence for all students at all levels of study.

That night time economy venues be trained by the Good Night Out initiative so that they are more readily equipped to deal with instances of sexual harassment and discrimination.

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