Infrastructure Co-design Session Information

Many of you will already be aware of and have participated in Manchester City Council (MCC) and Manchester Health and Care Commissioning’s (MHCC), joint review of their Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) infrastructure contracts held with Macc that took place earlier this year. The purpose of undertaking the joint review was to provide feedback on the existing services to inform the next steps and future infrastructure contract. See attached report to MCC Community and Equalities Scrutiny (December 2018) for more details on the review.

Based on the feedback from the joint review, the Our Manchester VCS Programme Board and MHCC Executive agreed to extend the original timeline for procurement of the new contract for a further 6 months to allow for a co-design process to be completed. A co-design group has been established as part of the process to develop the new service model and contract. Delivered across 3 sessions, facilitated by the Programme Team, the purpose of the co-design group is to make a set of recommendations to the OMVCS Programme Board on the key principles, objectives and outcomes for the new contract. All of the details of the co-design group including membership, role and boundaries, decision making, presentations and notes from the sessions are contained in the documents attached below.

The co-design groups recommendations to the Our Manchester VCS Programme will be shared with the sector and stakeholders at a later date, governance processes of MCC and MHCC, giving you further opportunities to feedback your views. We will keep you updated on this and communicate more details as soon as soon as possible. If you have any questions in the meantime, contact: Jess Waugh or Michael Salmon on 0161 234 3316 or email: [email protected]

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