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Macc's governing document is the Memorandum of Association. You can download a copy of this using the link at the bottom of the page.

Macc is a Company Limited by Guarantee No 7788593
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Macc is a Registered Charity No 1145921
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You will see that the organisation is registered under the "Manchester Alliance for Community Care". This is the original name of the organisation as it was founded in 1981 and subsequently incorporated as an Industrial and Provident Society in the 1990s. When we converted to a Company and Registered Charity in 2012, it became clear that changing the legal name of the company would cause issues with our funders, employment contracts and other formal agreements. We therefore retained the name but registered that our Working Name is simply "Macc" - after all, this is the name by which most people have known us for many years. It's been our nickname for a very long time!