Update June 2014

Macc has been reviewing our work around equalities and human rights, both as part of the provision of Manchester City Council’s infrastructure for Manchester’s voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector and as part of Macc’s work and our organisational aims and objectives.

This plan was informed by a set of interviews with key individuals working in Manchester on equality and rights issues. The groups interviewed had a very wide range of views, approaches and key issues including the future of the Manchester Equalities Hub. On the basis of these interviews and the long history of Macc’s policy work we will be working with the sector to:

Ensure that equalities and human rights are championed by Macc across its work – in how we work and behave as an organisation, the meetings we attend and in communication the sector, other stakeholders and the public. We will do this by, for example:
- Running training/workshops courses oquality and human rights issues
- Developing equalities pages and resources on our Manchester Community Central website
- Briefings/blogs/news/tweets include equality and human rights issues

Supporting groups to campaign more effectively
VCSE groups in Manchester and Greater Manchester either run their own campaigns or support national campaigns e.g. Greater Manchester Poverty Action Group. Macc will be an active supporter of these campaigns where they are connected with existing work-streams and we are able to make a useful contribution.

Bringing groups together when there are issues that affect more than one equalities area.
There are some issues that are of concern to multiple equality groups but may not be part of their core work. This is where Macc can and will lead in co-ordinating action and a response from the sector. Examples where this might be useful are new legislation e.g. The Care Bill, or local initiatives such as the NHS Living Longer Living Better programme.

Facilitating the engagement of the public sector with voluntary sector expertise in equalities to act as a critical friend
e.g. providing feedback on Manchester City Council’s work to achieve excellence in the Local Government Equality Framework.

In all of this, we will continue to work with a range of local groups including The Lesbian and Gay Foundation, Manchester BME Network, Breakthrough UK, Manchester Carers Forum, Age Concern Manchester and Manchester Refugee Support Network as well as other partners including the Equalities Team at Manchester City Council.